Owain Williams
Sales Director
Sales Specialist


B2B Sales Success
Profit Growth
Training & Development - Sales Team

Businesses have always depended on Sales in order to survive and thrive. 2021 – as a result of the pandemic, that dependency has only increased meaning it is absolutely crucial to have a successful Sales function for your business.

If you want the BIG results then you need to have the right talent in your team. Your staff are an asset to your business and, like all valuable assets, they need protecting, nurturing & careful management to help realise their long-term potential.

We will ensure your culture becomes one of constantly working on new business so that you end up in the enviable position of having too much business!

I’m a drum banger for the Sales profession as I know firsthand how a successful career in Sales can have a significant impact on life. Whenever and wherever I can, I promote Sales as a genuine career choice and do what I can to uphold excellent standards which help remove the negative stigma attached to the Sales profession.

Our Advisors are coming soon

Our Advisors are coming soon