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Hey I’m Claudia, my journey began in 2018 when I fell in-love with social media. Whilst beginning to gain a following and engaging with my followers I realised I was passionate about helping others also grow through social media platforms.

I had no idea starting this business where it was going to take me and 3 years later my business has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always as easy as social media makes it seem, it’s stressful but so rewarding at the very same time.

In 2020 I dived into the realm of website development, starting websites from scratch so companies can sell their products in a functional and effective way, or in some cases giving an existing website a new lease of life. A website is a crucial part of any business and I work with you to ensure yours is performing.

If I could give anyone advice for starting something new, it would be to be patient with yourself and your business, work hard and keep whatever it is you’re passionate about alive.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and I cant wait to work with you and watch your brand grow!

Claudia xx

Our Advisors are coming soon

Our Advisors are coming soon