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Everything your organisation does and communicates stems from the vision and DNA of your brand.

Our approach begins with understanding your brand and helping to shape it so you can truly engage with your community. At DIG we work on this process with you and your team allowing your brand to evolve and in turn creating an effective digital offering.

Following a holistic approach
Let us help guide you through the daily evolving digital arena. Navigating the digital landscape with traditional strategies is difficult. Creating separate marketing silos to cater for web, mobile, social & direct marketing multiplies your work and often means there is no cohesive presentation of your brand message. We help you to join these strands together, unifying your efforts and strengthening your brand message.

Considering your audience, brand, resources, technical knowledge, budget, timelines, afterthoughts and support requirements is the first stage. Consultation, getting to know you, who you are and what you do.

To design the right website or app, we need to understand your organisation and your audience. We test concept designs and user journeys and report back to you. This process gives us a solid basis to create a solution that addresses what people really want and need.

Content Strategy
We provide help with your content by creating the rules, guidelines & tone of voice for you and your team to follow.
This keeps the message strong and helps people connect with your brand. Powerful CMS tools empower you to manage your own content.

SEO is included as part of your content strategy or as a separate service.
We create a search engine optimisation plan and train you in best practice content creation methods. This ensures that search engines promote your site and improves accessibility.

Project Management
We use a powerful project management & proofing software to schedule tasks, track time. This also provides visibility and reporting to you.

Consult, Create & Support
Once we have consulted about your brand and requirements we work on a focussed timeline. This provides controlled budgets for all our clients.
Where the coffee is consumed! Designers & coders breathe life into the ideas, specification and wireframes creating accessible, mobile responsive offerings using best practice industry standards.

You have a shiny new website or app which needs support and training. Through live video sessions we provide training and support. Sessions are recorded so you can refer back and induct new staff without recurring costs.
Additional services to support your business
In addition to our core offering we also provide a range of complementary services to ensure that you have a complete solution.

Our Advisors are coming soon

Our Advisors are coming soon