It's About You

Grow your advisory practice where you determine your own work-life balance.

What Do We Offer?

We offer affordable financial expertise to businesses through the business advice line, operated by regional business advisors and finance professionals, for SMEs for a joining fee of £450 and then £150 net per month and complimentary health & Safety and mployment law advice provided by our partner Peninsula.

In addition we have secured key partnerships with utility cost savings, website developers, print & digital design agency, social media specialists, management reporting specialists and a restructuring and insolvency practice who each provide either free or low cost advice to our members.

We are growing our nationwide network of professionals who would benefit from an additional income stream, using our trading name, who can provide their services regionally throughout the UK and Ireland on a part time basis to suit the work life balance of the advisor.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for talented business advisors, financial management consultants, business owners who have been there and done it all.

We're after retail area and regional managers who are passionate about helping SMEs survive, turnaround and grow… with our help!

What You Get

• We provide the fully integrated platforms of SalesForce, Pardot, ZoomInfo, Form Titan, Natterbox telephony, Xero and of course a full ecommerce website. (This allows you to access your clients when you need)
• Natterbox provides a cloud-based telephony system providing you, the advisor with ‘unlimited free calls’ anywhere in the UK, your clients are given your direct line landline number to contact you.
• You are provided with a digital business card, digital business brochure and a company email address.
• We also provide you with warm leads from our website and email marketing campaigns.

What our Advisors do

Our advisors are all professionals in their field who want to support SME local Businesses providing telephone business support for SME Business Owners.

Our advisors sign up 10 clients per month for 6 months and service these clients with Business Advice during the hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday, working hours that suit the advisor.

The role is part-time and would ideally suit those who have either a fulltime position or and are looking for an additional revenue stream working with Business Advice Line.

Our members sign up for telephone advice provided by the advisor but if their need changes and requires onsite assistance then the business advisor can offer either a business advice line one off on-site assistance for an additional fee or the member can upgrade to a business advice line on-site package, which includes telephone support (complimentary employment law and health & safety telephone advice is provided by Peninsula).

All fees collected by this method will count towards the net turnover 50/50 split. Business Advice Line will supply leads generated from the website and marketing support to Regional Business Advisors who will be allowed to sell their own onsite packages if suitable, subject to the SME continuing to subscribe monthly to the advice line. This will not be subject to any % split and 100% of earnings count towards the advisors existing portfolio. The client is retained by business advice line throughout the term.

Any industry specific lead such as Recruitment agencies will be subject to the % split of net turnover generated.

The Client in all instances continues their £150 monthly membership fee for the term. Clients have direct access to their business advisor Monday -Friday, 9am -5pm

What Does It Cost?

• It costs nothing to join us and we do not charge any administration or marketing fees
• The Monthly royalty rate is 50% of the net turnover you bill monthly.
• All fees are counted on a 5-year basis.

Your License

• You have exclusivity of your ‘assigned region’ during the lifetime of the agreement term
• You determine how many clients you want to work with (60 is the minimum)
• You determine your own work / life balance..
• We only ask that you service the clients professionally and effectively.
• You are not limited in how large you can grow
• Our advisors collaborate, network, and help each other to succeed
• We will not tell you how to run your business.
• We will provide you with the help and support you need if you need it.
• We provide the platforms of SalesForce, Pardot, ZoomInfo, Form Titan, Natterbox telephony, Xero and of course a full ecommerce website.
• We will give you the tools, techniques, and training on how to generate clients.
• There are few limitations on what you cannot do.

Your Earnings

• This is in your control…
• A minimum of 60 clients will deliver monthly income of £4,500 (£54,000 pa) OR
• You could grow to 480 clients delivering monthly income of £36,000 (432,000 pa).
" The Advice Line saved us 76% in costs this year giving us a very fast return on investment. "
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All the support of a franchise, with the freedom of a license

Take back your work/life balance and grow your business

Our Advisors are coming soon

Our Advisors are coming soon