Business Advisory

Our mission is to offer SME Business Owners with a low cost, affordable solution giving access to experienced business advisors throughout the UK and Ireland when they need it. Our mission is to advise our clients on how to make their business even better and supercharge their business to grow faster and address those issues that take up time, which for a small business is critical.

what we do

What we do

We help businesses and their owners who are challenged, in crisis, with profit going the wrong way, cashflow causing sleepless nights, and their business overwhelmed dealing with staff problems.

We offer our members a wide range of vital business, health & safety, and employment law advice for start-ups, turnarounds, and growth SME Businesses, including strategic direction, business planning, growth, profitability, cashflow management, dividend management, operational efficiency, and management & staff issues so when you have an issue with any of the above or anything else that is troubling you then you can call and speak to your dedicated advisor.

Support you need when you need it

We know that no two businesses are the same, so why should the same advice be for everyone?

We’re impartial, with decades of relevant experience, having been there and done it…so we’re ideally suited  to help you find the best possible solutions to  your problems.

No matter what stage your business is at.

Complimentary Health & Safety and Employment Law Advice

We have partnered with Peninsula, the UK’s largest employment law and health & Safety Consultancy, providing advice to more than 38,000 employers in the UK and Ireland.

We are pleased to offer our clients complimentary health & safety and employment law advice and easy access to Peninsula’s full range of services on preferential terms.

Health &

We are pleased to offer Business Advice Line members complimentary telephone advice and easy access to Peninsula’s full range of services which are available on preferential* terms.
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Onsite support

We also offer to work with the business owner onsite within the business working within the Client’s team, across the business as a change agent identifying, implementing, mentoring, training, and explaining.

From experience ongoing maintenance provided by our advisors onsite is key to keeping both the business and its owner on track towards its annual goal.

Clients see an immediate shift in the way they and their team think. Time and motivation aren’t missing, the key people including the business owner have probably just never been shown the way large corporates operate to maintain direction and control.

Available to all business up to and including turnover of £50m plus, prices on application.

Business Advisory

We provide profit & loss and balance sheet statements each month, free of charge.

This will allow us to advise you and help you make changes that make a difference.

We provide profit & loss and balance sheet statements each month, free of charge

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Peninsula is the UK’s largest employment law & health and safety consultancy

When you run a business that employ people, understanding the complexities of employment law and health & safety can be a daunting prospect. Not to mention all the time it takes that could be better spent elsewhere.

Every business needs to be built from a firm base, this includes contracts and policies and procedures to give you the control and flexibility to manage and run your business. Employees receive 83 statuary rights like holiday pay, sick pay, maternity rights etc as an employer, you need to create your own rights with your contracts and polices. The simple rules with employment law and health & safety, your staff need to understand your standards, what is expected of them, and most importantly for
you, what would happen if they didn’t meet your standards and expectations.

Due to recent events, a lot of our members are wondering when it comes to managing their staff
through this extremely complex and ever-changing situation what they can and can’t do within the bounds of current and soon-to-be-implemented UK Employment Law. These queries range from those regarding redundancies and laying-off staff to the more day-to-day aspects of running a business such as how to manage sickness, an ongoing absence or poor performance when it comes to their employees.

Recent developments relating to the COVID19 outbreak mean that our clients are finding it ever more difficult and time consuming to deal with the ever-increasing burden of managing Employment Law and Health & Safety. The provision of contracts of employment and terms & conditions including at this point in time, those all-important ‘Lay-Off’ and ‘Remote Working’ policies is still something that our clients are failing to issue or keep updated. Which is leaving them exposed to potentially serious litigation.

As a result, we have set up an ongoing relationship with Peninsula. Peninsula are the largest provider of employment law and health & safety support services to small business in the UK and work with us regularly to ensure that everything we do is compliant, and we are fully protected as a business.

To make sure we get this correct for our members. Steve Oakes (Peninsula Business Consultant) has agreed to provide compliment ary advice to our members, Steve can be contacted directly on 07814 585089 or via email on which could also result in an online meeting to discuss any concerns you have and the options available to you moving forward with Peninsula’s ongoing services* .

Please note this is not included in the month fee.

* Only applies to new clients and does not supersede any existing contracts with Peninsula.
* * Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Our Advisors are coming soon